Have you ever noticed why binoculars produce double vision? This is because the objective lens and mirror are not properly attached to the binoculars. So aligning binocular’s vision is a bit difficult to solve. 

Double Vision – A problem faced by Many:

  • 30 percent of people faced this problem of double vision.
  • This is due to the objective lens and the mirror not being correctly attached.
  • Gaps in the binoculars also cause double vision.

By following methods, we can fix the double vision. 

Method 1: Pry Off the Rubberized Body

First, we will pry off the rubber body. There is a rubber body on both the left and right sides. After removing the rubber body we can see the screws attached to the binoculars. An adhesive may be applied to the binocular, which serves to hold it in place.

Removing the Rubber Body

Method 2: Adjustment of Screws with Wrench

There are four adjustable screws on each side of a binocular. For adjusting the screws we need a small wrench to open the screw. 

Hex Wrench Key

Opening the Screw by Twisting

Put the wrench into the screw and twist it once and see whether the image is aligned or not. There is no need to touch the mirror and objective lens. Just by twisting it once we are able to fix the double image If we twist the wrench more than once, there are more chances that our vision does not work.

Using Wrench to open the Screws

If still, the binoculars do not align correctly, use the European alignment method. 

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Method 3: Cross Threaded Gap Fixation

Occasionally a binocular will have a narrow gap on its side. This particular gap is called a cross-threaded gap. In binocular, if it is not threaded well, there will be double vision, therefore, to get rid of this double vision it must be threaded nicely so that we can see perfect alignment. 

Gap on Both Sides

More force damages the vision

This cross-threaded provides a lot of force to pop that back into its original position. If we apply a lot of force, it may damage the vision of the binoculars. Therefore, you need to use a wrench to get it off. 

Method 4: Switching the Objective Barrels – Perfect Alignment

Another possible solution for fixing the binoculars’ double vision is to switch the objective barrels which means switching the left side with the right side. After doing this, the image would look perfectly aligned.

Method 5: Overtightening –  A Positive Outcome   

Occasionally, overtightening the binocular can have a positive impact on the vision. The double vision problem can be easily fixed by tightening the screws.

Method 6: Rear lens – Collimation 

Upon closer examination, we see two rings on the rear lens that can be adjusted. The two rings, internal and external rings. 

The functioning of rings

The internal ring rotates the objective lens which in result helps the binocular to fix the double vision. However, by positioning the external ring such that it locks the settings of the lower ring we will need to be careful about the protection of the glass.

Method 7: Use Tripod To level Binocular

To begin with, attach the binocular to the tripod and tighten it once. The tripod must be straight. If the tripod is straight then there are fewer chances of seeing double in the binocular. So this may help with the problem.

Be Aware: Carelessness may Damage the vision 

  • Negligence may damage the vision of the binocular. 
  • Our hands should be very careful while holding the binocular, as it can slip away and damage the alignment of the binocular. 

What Causes Double Vision?

Lens problem – Dual vision

  • Sometimes the lens problem may cause double vision.
  • Before using the binocular, we must check whether our binocular is attached properly.
  • Do not use any chemicals to clean the binocular.

Cheap Binocular Causes Quadruple Vision

  • When you buy binoculars at a cheaper price, you may suffer from double vision.
  • Products that have a lower price tag might be a bit less functional than products with a higher one, which would result in binoculars that can double as a telescope.
  • The life expectancy of cheap products might be short, so they aren’t tailored to the needs of the environment that’s why we may get a double image.

Overall Suggested Ways for Eliminating Double Vision

  • Switching the sides of the binoculars will eliminate double vision.
  • By rotating the screw, our image can also be aligned. 
  • Attaching the tripod for better vision can also make our image align.
  • If you adjust the objective lens, the double vision can be reduced.

Questions you Might Have

Can binoculars do double vision on their own?
It is possible the double vision will go away on its own in some instances. The chances of double vision are decreased if one eye is closed.   
Why the picture appears to be double when viewed through binoculars?
We see a double vision from binoculars because sometimes the mirror and the objective lens are not properly aligned. In order to rectify this problem, we employ different approaches in order for our image to become aligned.
How can our binoculars be improved?
There are different ways to improve our binoculars. Firstly correct the objective lens and mirror.Use a tripod to make the vision more clear.Adjust the binocular’s focus point according to your comfort.
Is it possible to realign binoculars?
Yes, it is possible to realign the binoculars. This process is done by collimation which consists of two rings. The inner ring and the outer ring. The inner ring rotates the objective lens while the outer ring locks the setting of the inner ring. These two rings help to fix the double image in binoculars.

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